Shawnda's Story

As a successful career woman, community activist, avid hockey mom, and dedicated wife, Shawnda Muir lived the good life—or so she thought until 2007, when she came face-to-face with cancer in her family not once, but three times in a few short months. Her husband was the first one diagnosed. Six weeks later, her father was diagnosed. And six months later, Shawnda herself received her own cancer diagnosis.

Cancer scored a hat trick—and it scored it on a family who had never had a personal encounter with cancer before. In hockey, a hat trick is three goals scored by one player in a game. For Shawnda's hockey-loving family, this represented a different type of hat trick—three cancer diagnoses in one immediate family within six months.

Shawnda and her husband survived, but her father did not. In spite of the shock, the fear, and the suffering, cancer taught Shawnda many life lessons. Shawnda knew the hat trick cancer diagnoses had a purpose, but couldn't help but wonder what it was. What was she supposed to do differently with her life? Eventually the answer became clear. Cancer was the catalyst for positive change in her life.

In 2010, Shawnda left her corporate job to pursue her purpose and passion—helping others affected by cancer. As a cancer survivor, author, speaker, workshop leader, wellness retreat facilitator, and successful fundraiser, Shawnda has reached thousands with her messages of hope and encouragement. While still undergoing chemotherapy treatments, Shawnda organized a community fundraiser that raised an incredible $135,000 the first year. She has continued to lead this fundraiser annually, reaching over a quarter million dollars in the first four years.

Following Shawnda's breast cancer diagnosis in 2007, her story continues. In May 2011, Shawnda received her 2nd cancer diagnosis - malignant melanoma (the most serious form of skin cancer). Fortunately, thanks to early detection, Shawnda has fully recovered and continues to live her life to the fullest each day.

Shawnda has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Manitoba, many years in senior management as well as entrepreneurship where she works with her husband in their family business. Shawnda grew up in a large family on a grain and dairy farm in Oak Bluff, Manitoba, Canada and draws on those roots daily. She continues to reside in Oak Bluff with her husband, Darryl, and two sons Justin and Devin. Shawnda enjoys sports, including ringette and her passion hockey. She also enjoys spending time at her cottage with her family and friends, and enjoying the many outdoor activities, including golfing, water sporting, fishing, kayaking, biking, and going for walks in nature.