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As a cancer survivor, author, speaker, workshop leader, wellness retreat facilitator, and successful fundraiser, Shawnda has reached thousands with her message about hope, encouragement and commitment to living life to the fullest.

Shawnda's audiences are inspired and moved by how one family coped with three cancer diagnoses within a few short months. The lessons Shawnda learned and the positive techniques she used can be applied both personally and professionally. Audiences feel rejuvenated, hopeful and ready to make changes within their lives.

Attend Shawnda's presentation and you'll also learn how to:

  • Overcome challenges—by turning adversity into positive opportunities
  • Live a healthier life in all four dimensions—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
  • Live your ideal life—discover how to know, focus, and get what you want
  • Create balance in your life—make time for what matters most to you
  • Be happier with your life—live in harmony with your principles, priorities, and passions

Apply these lessons and you too can learn how to "Live Your Life to the Fullest."

Program Options:

Shawnda's inspirational speeches and workshops are well suited for any audience that can benefit from hope, encouragement and skills to overcome challenges and ensure they are living their life to the fullest.

Keynote Speeches and Presentations – can range from 15 minutes to an hour. Shawnda will share her cancer "hat trick" journey highlights, and then provide hope and encouragement for the audience to turn adversity into positive opportunities to ensure they are living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life with no regrets.

Workshops – can range from 2 hours to 1 day. Shawnda will lead the audience through various interactive activities to provide hope, encouragement and skills for the audience to turn adversity into positive opportunities to ensure they are living their life to the fullest.

Wellness retreats – customized to your needs. The retreats focus on renewing the body on all four dimensions (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) in a lakefront cottage resort setting. They can include programing to overcome challenges and living an ideal life as well as any business topics you may have.


Shawnda has delivered presentations to these organizations:

  • Safeway Corporation
  • Toastmasters International
  • Manitoba Association of Insurance Professionals
  • Manitoba Congress of Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • World Conference on Breast Cancer
  • Breast Cancer Action Manitoba
  • Babes for Breasts
  • Southwood Daisy Golf Tournament
  • Altona Cancer Support Group
  • Canadian Breast Cancer Network
  • Catholic Women's League
  • Winnipeg Executives Association
  • Manitoba College of Family Physicians


Shawnda is an excellent speaker. Her message is powerful and her delivery had everyone's attention from the moment she said the first 3 words out loud ... "Try to imagine". The audience, primarily corporate, were captivated by her story and afterwards were most anxious to express the profound impact her story left them with. Personally, I was more than impressed, I was very moved.
Annitta Stenning
Executive Director
CancerCare Manitoba Foundation

Shawnda Muir was the keynote speaker at the MCMLS "Building our Profession" 2010 Congress. She is truly a gifted and motivational speaker. Shawnda is a phenomenal woman who captivated the entire audience with her story. She shares her experiences in such a positive manner that it instantly causes a positive change in your life. She made everyone stop and think about their lives and goals, but more importantly she touched the hearts of all our members in attendance that day.
Linda Heinemann RT/MLT
Registration Committee
2010 Manitoba Congress of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Shawnda's presentation was moving and inspiring. It taught me to slow down, appreciate my surroundings and enjoy the simple things in life. The example she sets is so compelling that everyone could benefit from hearing her speak.
Deb Rebizant
Manitoba Public Insurance

Shawnda's presentation is truly inspirational. Her real life examples, coupled with her research, knowledge and down-to-earth presentation style, make this presentation a must-see. Not only does she amaze you with her positive attitude and strength, she also stimulates your thinking and guides you through making positive change in your life.
Evelyn Lane

Shawnda Muir is a remarkable woman. She gave a presentation that was encouraging. We were a group that came from various stages of diagnosis and she touched each of us heart and soul and mind. Shawnda gave us an example of courage, determination and positive attitude. Shawnda inspired us to live life to the fullest without regrets, to be happy no matter what life deals you. We left the presentation with an attitude that we are our own inspiration. Thank you Shawnda.
Ev Kehler
Community Volunteer
MB Breast & Women's Cancer Network

Thank you for your presentation last night. It is truly helpful when people know there is a way to cope in the most stressful times. And yes we are all richer for those difficult passages in our life.
Anne Thoroughgood

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for speaking at our Daisy Golf Tournament two weeks ago today. Your address was very well received by the ladies present and gave us much food for thought. I found it very interesting to see how you have grown from telling your story to explaining how all of this has impacted and changed your life and your values. I am also impressed by your initiative to record your journey in a book for others to read and learn from your example.
Myrna Kraft
Southwood Daisy Golf Tournament

Thank you for the encouraging evening...It was great. I have to remind myself to keep thinking positive in all situations.

Altona Cancer Support Group

On September 28, 2011, I attended a presentation by Shawnda Muir; Shawnda is a cancer survivor and recently published her book "Cancer Scores a Hat Trick". Shawnda shared her story about how her family had three diagnoses of cancer within six months. Shawnda is an encouragement to all. An incredible example of positive attitude, determination and courage. Shawnda inspired us to overcome challenges by turning them into positive opportunities; living healthier lives; living a balanced life; to be happy with our life and to live our ideal life. Shawnda, thank you for your encouragement; even to those of us who have not been diagnosed with cancer. Thank you for inspiring us to make positive, healthy changes in our lives now, to possibly prevent a cancer diagnosis in our future. Thank you Shawnda for your encouragement and inspiration. Keep it up and God Bless.
Dorothy Friesen

For a sports fan a "Hat Trick" will never be the same!! In a dynamic and inspiring presentation Shawnda advises of overcoming challenges by turning adversity into opportunity and by positioning all of her battles with cancer as stepping stones to build and promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Shawnda advises us to be happy with our lives with courage to face realities. Shawnda underscores Albert Einstein's quote: "Try not to be a man (woman) of success – but rather a man (woman) of value." Shawnda's presentation will encourage and empower.
Kevin Coates
Winnipeg Executives Association, President
St. Boniface Clinic

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