About the Book

Cancer Scores a Hat Trick

Shawnda Muir's life was almost perfect. She had an ideal career, a happy marriage, two wonderful boys, and lived in the town near the farm she grew up on. Both of her sons played hockey, and she loved her role as a hockey mom.

But in 2007, she encountered a different type of "hat trick"—three diagnoses of cancer in her immediate family within six months. Her husband, Darryl, and Shawnda survived their battles with cancer, but Shawnda's father did not. Motivated to help others facing this deadly disease, Shawnda organized a community fundraiser while she was still in chemotherapy. "Shoot for the Cure" raised over $135,000 the first year and over a quarter million dollars within four years.

In Cancer Scores a Hat Trick, you'll be inspired by Shawnda's story, but even more important are the lessons she learned to help her refocus her life to ensure she's living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life with no regrets. But this book is not just about her. It is also about you. It is about learning how to increase your happiness, even in the face of adversity. Should tragedy come to you and yours, you will be able to face the adversity, find the silver lining of the experience, and have no regrets. The rest of your life awaits you. You can survive and be happier. Shawnda is living proof.

As you follow Shawnda's transformation, you'll learn to:

  • Overcome challenges—by turning adversity into positive opportunities
  • Live a healthier life in all four dimensions—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
  • Live your ideal life—discover how to know, focus, and get what you want
  • Create balance in your life—make time for what matters most to you
  • Be happier with your life—live in harmony with your principles, priorities, and passions

Apply these lessons using Shawnda's action guide provided, and you too can learn how to "Live Your Life to the Fullest."

Proceeds to Cancer Support

To support ongoing cancer needs, Shawnda has committed to donating 20 percent of all book profits back to cancer research and programming.

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There are many things I want to say, but just don't know where to start. I want to say that I like your book very much. It has given me a lot of courage to deal with my current challenge. Your book sends out so many messages. Each one of them has either touched my heart or lifted my spirit and/or taught me the true meaning of positive thinking in facing a tough life situation. And the most important thing I want to say is that the book you wrote is a book of value and honesty.
Jane Zheng

Your book is very inspirational. I cried in a few sections and could feel your strength in your words...very well done.
Jeannine Savard

I read your book on Friday night, with a box of kleenex! It was really well done. It was full of great advice for everyone. I really enjoyed the pictures in the back too. I think one very strong and very positive trait that you inherited from your dad is being able to express your feelings and not being afraid to put them out there. I'm proud of you!
Heather Fossay

Read your book in one evening. Totally enjoyed it. It would not only be good for cancer patients but anyone that is going through a life crisis. Makes you really think about your life and your priorities. You are right to be thankful for what we have. I would recommend your book to everyone. Great job and God Bless.
Sandy Konechny

Thanks to your book, I am definitely focused more on the positives. My husband comes to treatments with me and we play crazy 8's. I find it very distracting and it is "our" time together. I always beat him so I really enjoy it! After treatment is over we will go on a nice date instead. I try to spin everything that is happening in a positive way and it is really helping. Thank you for writing the book! I am sure it has helped many others as well.
Donna Coughlin

Shawnda has a way of telling her story in a way that is so hopeful to anyone that has to experience the tragedy of cancer or any form of adversity. The key message of hope and taking control of your life are given a practical application that if followed will lead to
only goodness.

Kim Lanyon
Recruitment & Diversity Manager
Manitoba Hydro

When Shawnda's family, whom I know personally, were faced with a hat trick of cancer, they decided to stay and fight. What an incredible gift to rise above the challenges, and in its wake give back to people who have had similar experiences. For most of us, creating a healthier lifestyle, both physically and mentally and living it day in and day out would be challenge enough. Shawnda sets the bar higher by giving back to her community by asking each and every one of us to make healthier choices. Not only is she encouraging, she has written a book that serves as a wonderful guide to help us along. Great Job Shawnda!
Kathleen Reid