Monday, November 07, 2011

Positive Thinking - Find Something Positive to Focus on

Coping Mechanisms continued:

1.      Find something positive to focus on.

You will be spending plenty of time at hospitals, doctor’s offices and feeling lousy during your journey. Ensure you have something positive to focus on a daily basis to help keep your mind off all your treatments and side effects.

For me, I started the Shoot for the Cure fundraiser which kept me surrounded by positive people and energy, as well as the positive feeling of control and satisfaction that I was doing something to help all cancer patients.

Whatever it is you’re focused on doesn’t have to be big – it just has to be something positive that you’re excited about. What positive thing do you have to focus on every day? And if you don’t have one, what can you think of now.



Raising money for cancer research to help other cancer patients was a very fulfilling activity to help me stay positive and get through my cancer.

Have a happy, healthy and fulfilling week!



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