Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Positive Thinking – Worst/Best Case Scenario

There are many techniques or coping mechanisms for remaining positive that I used during my cancer journey. Let’s review them now and see how you can use them to help you stay focused on the positives in your situation.

  1. Determine the worst case scenario and how you would handle it. Then focus on the best case scenario. 

    We used this strategy several times during our cancer journey, starting with my husband Darryl’s diagnosis. Darryl dying was the worst case scenario. How would I handle it? Did we need to make changes to our will and life insurance? Once we addressed the key items under our control, and I realized I could survive if the worst case scenario happened, then we focused all our energy on positive thinking and Darryl living – the best case scenario. 

    What is the worst case scenario of your challenge? How would you handle it? Then what is your best case scenario? Stay focused on this best case.




Darryl’s first chemo appointment coincided with my dad’s  biopsy appointment at the same hospital.

Have a happy, healthy and fulfilling week!


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