Monday, October 31, 2011

Positive Thinking – Look for the Silver Linings

Coping mechanisms continued:


2.   Look for the silver linings.

Every challenge has a silver lining, even though it may be hard to find.  It may be your new appreciation for life or your family and friends, increased ability to handle the unknowns, or increased patience levels. 

There were many silver linings with my cancer journey, starting with more time with my kids, learning how to be happy on a daily basis even when I wasn’t in control of the variables, right thru to cancer being the catalyst to spark positive changes in my life, including leaving my corporate job so I can live in better harmony with my principles, priorities and passions. In essence, living my ideal life so I will have no regrets should cancer come back.

Take a minute now to think of the challenges in your life and what are their silver linings?


Spending extra time with my family during my year of medical leave from work was definitely a silver lining for me!

Have a happy, healthy and fulfilling week!



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