Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Journey Is About to Begin

Welcome friends!
Now that I’ve had an absolutely wonderful summer relaxing at my cottage (and drafting blog articles), I guess it’s time to get committed to this blog site!
While my cancer journey has taught me that I cannot control all things in life, I do work better with at least a rough plan ahead of me.
Here is my plan for the upcoming months: I will target posting at least one article per week. Monday articles will be based on the many lessons learned from my cancer journey, loosely tying into the format of my book – Cancer Scores a Hat Trick – Lessons About Living Life to the Fullest. And then, if I come up with additional inspirational thoughts or wellness tips, I will simply post them throughout the week.
NOTE, to see only the journey articles, click on the tag "journey" at the bottom of one of the journey articles. To see only the additional thoughts or tips articles, click on the "non-journey" tag.
So put on your life jacket, our journey is about to begin….next Monday!
Kayaking in the sunset is one of my favorite activities at our cottage on Lake of Two Mountains.
Have a happy, healthy and fulfilling week!
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